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"Birth can be one of the most empowering moments of your life. It is my goal to ensure that you have your baby, your way."


Homebirth is a satisfying, safe and healthy option for low-risk mothers with normal pregnancies. Mothers laboring and birthing at home enjoy the comforting familiarity and flow of their own home. The expecting parents are completely involved with the decisions made during the prenatal period and in the birthing and postpartum process. The family's privacy and wishes are respected. Expecting parents are lovingly guided, encouraged and educated, and mother and baby are thoroughly monitored throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Home birth is family-centered, full of love and very gentle on mother, baby and the whole family.

Birth is a natural process of human life: not an emergency, but a sacred emergence. With careful monitoring, preventative care and a healthy lifestyle, low-risk mothers give birth gently and safely at home. The birthing process works best without unnecessary interventions. When a mother labors and gives birth in an unhindered way, her hormones stay intact, and she emerges empowered and satisfied. It is crucial that parents make truly informed decisions regarding their pregnancy, birth and postpartum, as well as the care of their child. Midwives are experts in normal birth. Rachel Pugh, CPM, CDM serves you with great care so that you emerge with a satisfying and empowering birth experience.

Comprehensive Home Birth Midwifery Care Includes:

~Prenatal visits in my Eagle River office or in the comfort of your home every four weeks until 28 weeks of pregnancy, every two weeks from 28 to 36 weeks, and weekly from 36 weeks until the birth which include: labs & urinalysis as needed, fetal heart rate monitoring, checking mother's vitals: blood pressure, temperature and pulse, discussion and care of your concerns and complaints, education and discussion about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond, informed choice of all tests and procedures during pregnancy, birth and for the baby, nutritional and wellness education and counseling, emotional support, listening to your concerns and meeting your needs.
~Home visit at 36 weeks
~24 hour availability by text, phone and/or email 
~Nutritional counseling. Midwife Rachel is also a Certified Family Herbalist
~Lending library of books & DVDs
~Referrals to complementary health providers and community resources
~Childbirth education classes are included in care at no extra cost
~All tests and laboratory work available
~Prenatal and postpartum herbal infusions and tinctures are included with care at no extra cost


~Midwife Rachel and a second midwife will attend your home birth
~Continuous labor support and monitoring in your home when labor is established, as well as support anytime during your process

~Midwifery care during labor, birth & immediate postpartum until mother and baby are settled (minimum of 3 hours), including thorough monitoring of mother and baby     

~I carry all the equipment and medications that are available at any birthing center and that may be needed for a safe home birth. I bring medical supplies as well as herbs and homeopathics to support, ease and enrich your birthing process
~Water birth (includes use of beautiful water birth tub, your own disposable liner, clean-up and take-down)
~Comprehensive newborn examination
~Beautiful keepsake birth certificate with footprints

~Filing of your baby's Alaska State birth certificate and Social Security Number.

Postpartum Care for Mother & Baby Include:

~Postpartum and well baby visits at your home at 24 hours, and day 3, 5 and 7, 2 week, 4 week and 6 weeks. Additional visits as needed.
~Breastfeeding support
~Placenta Encapsulation (optional)
~Metabolic Newborn Screen tests
~Vitamin K injection and antibiotic eye ointment if desired/needed
~Organic, herbal sitz bath within 2 hours after birth to help heal perineal tissue and newborn skin.
~Postpartum mother tincture

I offer home birth services in:

~ Anchorage

~ Eagle River 

~ Mat-Su Valley

If home birth is not a possibility for you, I have birth center privileges at a birth center in Anchorage and Palmer.


SneakPeek Now Available at
Traditional Roots Midwifery

No ultrasound just a simple blood test and as early as 8 weeks!
You do not have to be a client of Traditional Roots to test. 
More affordable than ultrasound!
SneakPeek Test Cost:  $149


Drug and Intervention Free

Birth is a Natural Process. With Traditional Roots you will avoid unnecessary drugs and interventions resulting in a better outcome and health for mother and baby.

Birth Space

It's your baby, you should have it in a space you choose and control. Listen to music, walk around, eat and relax while you open to a new life and role as a mother. No pressure or exposure to dangerous hospital pathogens.

Supported by Your Loved Ones

You will have nine months to develop a relationship with Midwife Rachel. In addition, you will decide who attends your birth and choose your best birth team. I highly suggest using a Doula and family members who make you feel comfortable and safe.


Traditional Roots accepts all insurance including Health Shares and Medicaid (DKC).

I also have an affordable cash pay rate with a monthly payment plan option. 

I never want money to be a deciding factor in your dream birth. Call me let's talk about your options. I'm sure we can make it work!


Client Testimonials

"I can, with confidence, say that Rachel Pugh is the best and most knowledgeable midwife in Alaska. Throughout my pregnancy, my prenatal appointments were very personalized, comfortable and informative. Everything I know about birth, babies and pregnancy I learned from Rachel. She is a fountain of useful knowledge that I find myself passing on to those around me, to this day.

As a first time mother, Rachel was there for me and my family in every sense possible. Anxieties were soothed, leaving me feeling powerful and ready for birthing my daughter. 
Every health issue that surfaced was dealt with immediately and with such professionalism and accuracy. I feel like a healthier person in general from following the treatments and regimens prescribed by Rachel.

Rachel holds prenatal groups and postpartum groups, where I met lifetime friends and had genuine fun while learning important aspects of my own care. I continue looking forward to these appointments to this day.

If you are seeking outstanding prenatal, birth and postpartum care, I urge you to contact Rachel. You will not be disappointed, but uplifted and taken care of in the most beautiful way."

Rachel is amazing! She is knowledgeable, calm, supportive, natural-minded, and passionate. Every question or concern that came up during our prenatal sessions was discussed thoroughly until we felt comfortable. Rachel went above and beyond many times during my pregnancy and postpartum time by listening to my concerns and offering support and information, checking in to see how things were going, providing referrals when needed and just being a friendly, caring face when I needed it. I had a beautiful, empowered pregnancy and home birth thanks to all of the information and education Rachel provided and her one-on-one attention and support. I will forever be grateful to have worked with her!


Free First Trimester Pregnancy Tips E-Book

Click the link below for your FREE Birth Social ® First Trimester Pregnancy Tips. This e-book is perfect for parents who discover they are first pregnant. It has information on when to see a midwife, all the labs that may be ordered, what prenatal care looks like with a midwife, and tips on morning sickness and common complaints of pregnancy. Enjoy and congratulations!